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STR Car Suspension Adjustments, Norwich, Norfolk

Corner Weighting

Corner weighting is an often overlooked area which is very important. If your wheels are not exerting a uniform force on each axle then the handling characteristics will also vary regardless of the changes to suspension geometry.

By corner weighting a car, we can generally make it become more balanced, hence more stable under braking and corner entry/exit, resulting in a better performing car that you are more comfortable driving at the absolute limit.

At Shawn Taylor Racing we aim to adjust the settings to suit your individual requirements and we can check and adjust camber, toe, caster, ride height and rake.

We also offer corner weighting for cars with fully adjustable damper platforms.


STR Bike Suspension Set-ups, Norwich, Norfolk

As a motorcyclist you typically travel under extremely wide ranging conditions, from busy city traffic, country lanes, motorways, on circuit etc.  For every situation you should be able to place complete faith in your suspension set up which is the vital link between you and road.

Having the suspension on your bike set-up as best it can be for the type of riding you do is the most important modification anybody can make, if they intend on getting the most from their bike.

A bike that has the suspension set-up correctly will improve the handling of the bike by raising the confidence the rider has, increases traction and grip levels and will ensure you minimise the risk of over-stepping the line which marks the limit when riding fast. Tyre wear will also be minimised and kept constant and thus last longer. A tyre that shows much distress on the surface is often due a less than optimal suspension setup.

At Shawn Taylor Racing, we offer a number of bespoke packages to tune your bike into your individual preferences.  Take a look at the standard packages offered below:


We’ll take your bike and adjust the geometric settings and suspension to suit your build and riding requirements. Straight away this service gives you additional brake horse power that is otherwise inaccessible or lost to a poor ride, but it also optimises your tyre life and performance.

Customers are invited to spend 2 hours at STR to be involved in the set-up and to help dial in your own personal settings.

Setup just £185.00 + VAT

Fork Service:

The Fork Service is designed for the customer in need of a quick once-over of their forks and internals. The service includes dismantling the forks to component form, washing, cleaning and inspecting their internals as well as the removing of all traces of sludge build up from the shims (created by oxidised oil). The forks are then rebuilt using superior suspension fluids with new seals and/or bushes where necessary. All fork adjustments are reset to ‘as found’ customer specification.

‘Stand Alone (off-the-bike)’ Fork Service Prices Start From £125.00 + Parts + VAT
‘Removal & Refit (on-the-bike)’ Fork Service Prices Start From £175.00 + Parts + VAT
Contact us on 01603 62 66 68 or email workshop@strgb.co.uk for further information

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